Andrew is one of the country's top attorneys who represent burned investors in lawsuits against banks and brokerage firms. He has represented more than 1,000 individuals in lawsuits and securities arbitration actions against every major bank and brokerage firm in the country. His views on the securities industry have been featured on Dateline, 20-20, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CNBC and major networks and radio stations across the world. In addition to his law practice, Andrew is currently an adjunct securities law professor at Northwestern University School of Law in Chicago. He’s also the President of the Public Investor Arbitration Bar Association (PIABA), an international bar association of attorneys whose members represent investors in disputes with the securities industry. He was also the Editor-In-Chief of the PIABA Bar Journal from 2001 through 2005 and co-authored the book Investor Rights for the 21st Century.


John is the award-winning author of 16 books and contributes to The New York Times, Forbes, and CBS Moneywatch. He's also been a columnist for Reuters and Bloomberg and has commented and spoke on financial topics from Japan to Israel. His blog "Bamboozlement" focuses on investor protection issues.

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