Waging War on Wall Street

New book tells how to fight back

Chicago -- What brokers and most advisers promise is built on a solid lie: That you can consistently beat the market. After you pay for their commissions, egregious fees, market timing errors and incompetency, you don’t stand a chance.

Worse yet, with President Trump's cabinet loaded with ex-Wall Streeters, who have declared war on financial reforms and a "best interest" rule to protect your retirement savings, Main Street investors are once again in the crosshairs.

Wall Street doesn’t have your back – it never did -- but it still desperately wants your money. Lawyer Andrew Stoltmann and journalist John Wasik wrote this book to show investors how to protect themselves and their money – and fight back when you’re wronged.

This book will tell you how you can beat Wall Street. Andrew will share some of the secrets of his hundreds of victories against crooked brokers, greedy agents and shifty financial advisers.

The book will expose brokers' most vile scams and how victims won back their hard-earned money. The authors also present dozens of ways of beating brokers to save more money for retirement and other financial goals.

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